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Throttle Bodies in Scotland

For over a decade Omex Technology Systems Limited have been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality electronic units mainly to the fast road and motorsport markets. From simple rev limiters and shift lights to full engine management ECUs for V12 racecars.


Call Dave or Russell on 01592 773677 for further information an for specific fitting of Omex electronics and throttle bodies for your vehicle.

Rev Limiters and Shift Lights

Consistent, optimal gearshifts. Engine over-rev protection. Faster launches. All racers need these and Omex Technology’s range of Rev Limiters and Shift Lights provide the solutions.

Engine Management Systems

Omex’s range of engine management ECUs cater for all engine types and applications from 4 cylinders to 12 cylinders.

Individual Throttle Bodies

Individual Throttle Bodies designed and manufactured in the UK by Omex. Years of thought from one of the most experienced design teams in the industry has led to the ultimate throttle body designs.


The latest material finishes for long life, the latest manufacturing methods for consistent accuracy, and detailed design for ease of use.  And performance? 15 years of inlet system and engine testing at Omex, and race wins worldwide with our electronics.

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