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Vehicle Servicing in Glenrothes, Fife

Do you know that if a car is under warranty, the owner is
free to have it serviced wherever they like?

In fact thanks to recent European legislation, it is an offence for any manufacturer or dealer to suggest that it is a requirement of a warranty that the vehicle must be serviced by them. The work can be carried out by any competent technician using products of a quality equal to the original. That’s why people come to Falkland Performance Centre, as Fife’s premier car service dealer, we have a dedicated professional team of technicians trained to exceedingly high standards.


As you would expect, we are supported by cutting edge diagnostic equipment as well as the most sophisticated dynamometer available in Europe the MAHA LPS 3000. No matter how complex the problem, we have the skills and experience to diagnose, service and maintain any petrol or diesel vehicle.

Has your air conditioning been serviced lately?
Vehicle manufacturers recommend that air conditioning systems are serviced every 2 years. We can now offer specialist servicing & diagnostics for your cars air conditioning system.


We use the state of the art Hella system which also allows us to diagnose problems with any air-con system.

Revo Technik engine performance software is designed to enhance your vehicle and bring out its true performance potential.


Revo software improves the power, torque, and responsiveness of your engine giving you more flexibility whilst working within factory safety parameters and retaining smoothness, reliability and fuel economy.

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Unfortunately Falkland Performance Centre Ltd had a catastrophic fire in December 2019. The damage to the building was extensive. We have had to take the difficult decision of closing the garage whilst it is being rebuilt. Please keep an eye on our Facebook or Instagram pages for an update in regards to our grand reopening.